Sunday, December 14, 2008

TRANS-IT USB Flash Drive

I recently bought a TDK TRANS-IT USB Flash Drive 8GB for RM50 plus. Initially I was going to go for Kingston which I have been familiar with and was cheaper, ie below RM50. In the end I ended up buying TDK as the salesperson said the read and write speed is faster. I queried about this as it was not clearly written on the TDK Flash Drive packaging, all I saw was High Speed Access. Dubious.

Overall if I connect to a 2.0 USB port on my PC, it does feel nice. I started thinking, I could actually put a whole DVD movie on the thumb drive. So I tried that, and plugged it into my DVD player which accepts thumb drives. It played! Yes, I could watch a movie on my thumb drive. But alas, somehow it felts slow. The frame rate wasn't movie like. Like what you get when you watch some non-preloaded videos online. Anyone have any ideas how to fix this? Maybe get a DVD player with a 2.0USB?

TDK Flash Drive from TDK website

  • Small and compact.
  • Feels fast.
  • I'd wish they wrote the speed on the packaging. What I found at "You need not worry about the transfer rate as the TRANS-IT MINI USB device delivers up to 15 MB/sec read rate (100x) and up to 10 MB/sec write rate (66x)
  • What I REALLY didn't like about it is the 'cover' is very old style. You can easily mis-place the cover as it isn't 1 piece together with the Flash drive, and it doesn't snuggle into the back part of the flash drive when you are using the flash drive. Come to think about it, I just misplaced it. Great! Is this what happens marketing drives engineering? Or the other way round?
  • Since it has a lanyard holder, would be nice to give a lanyard for free. It would be free promotion for TDK when I flout it!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mustafa - 24 hour shopping in Singapore

In Singapore? Looking for a all-under-1-roof place to shop, any time of the day? Then Mustafa would probably be your choice.
I was looking a for Sanyo Enelope Charger and Enelope batteries. First I actually went to Mustafa to do other shopping, assuming the electrical/electronic items would be more expensive in Mustafa, I just did a 'survey' on the price and availability.
Mustafa was offering 4pcs of Enelope AA batteries for SGD19. A Sanyo Quick Charger + 4 AA Anelope batteries for below SGD50. The priced seemed pretty reasonable, but most of my friends recommended going to Simlin Tower. So today morning, we wake up and rush to Simlin Tower and I walk around looking for the above batteries. Hardly any of the shops I went to had it, and the ones that had, had limited options, ie one only had batteries, one had only 2pack sets, and so on. Then I ask which shop specializes in batteries, but sad to say most of the shopkeepers there are not friendly. One friendlier one recommended Simlin Square instead. So ok, we walk to Simlin Square, and here I go in circles again. Alas again I couldn't find what I wanted. Probably if you're looking for digital photography stuff, Simlin Sq would be an option. So what happens? I figure, I go back to square one (no pun intended), I go back to Mustafa. Now we look for the more friendlier looking people there and ask for directions, and I got a rude just go straight, and another rude Go ask the information counter. Way to go people. You really DRIVE AWAY customers. After the rude service there, I was even more inclined to go to Mustafa, as the chap there seemed friendly at least. And now after walking around in Simlin, I discovered Mustafa was cheaper as well! I asked a few shops in Simlin Tower, the 4 pcs Enelope AA was priced at SGD25, and after some bargaining they came down to SGD22. I'm not the best bargainer, so the more reasons I'd just go to a fixed price and proper priced store.

So now I take a cab to Mustafa. End up buying a Sanyo Quick Charger + 4 pcs AA batteries at SGD47.50. Simlin was SGD50+!. And when I ask about how do I get the GST (Goverment Service Tax) rebate (being a tourist), now they tell me I need to spend above SGD100 in 1 receipt. This is another interesting observation, Singapore does give rebates of the GST to foreigners visiting, but I have not seen 1 sign board clearly stating the process & requirements. It seems like a 'benefit' that's well hidden.

A little on getting to Mustafa for travelers like me. There seems to be a couple of options, if you're on the Green MRT Line (EW Line), you can get down at Lavender, and walk to Mustafa. Note, not many people hard helpful in giving directions though once you alite. Mostly Taxi Drivers, Officers, and Uncles are the most helpful! (speaking from our first hand experience). Otherwise get down at Bugis and you can get a cab or Bus to Mustafa I think.


  • If you are a tourist, and planning to shop more the SGD 100, you'd want to do it in 1 receipt. Now again, it seems when you want to claim GST from airport, you need to show the items you bought?? Best to claim SGD direct from the shop, some places like Mustafa and Simlin Square does offer this.
  • Mustafa does offer the most choices and best rates, especially if you're not crazy about haggling.