Saturday, March 13, 2010

TM Call Number - besides the 100

Few weeks back, my friend asked me how to call TM for help / report problems / lapor kerosakan? Well our typical answer will be dial 100 from your house phone. But then, what happens when your house phone is the one with the problem. The line is dead! So naturally we'd use our mobile to call. But, dialing 100 thru our mobiles here, doesn't really get you to Telekom Malaysia's Helpline / Hotline does it? Going back to the story, I told my friend, "Hmm, sorry no idea".

Guess what? Just a week later, my house phone line broke down. So, same question arises. How do I contact TM about my 'kerosakan'? Well, what I did is call my parents and ask them to help call TM from their landline to make a report of the issue.

Well, story of the day is, if you have a landline (which probably you have if you are using Streamyx), is to save this number :

TM - Contact Centre
03 - 2241 1290 (can be used calling from mobile and overseas)

Come to think of it, doesn't TM have significant control on the numerical values of a phone number, wouldn't it have been 'cooler' and easier if they came up with a number like 03 - 22 100 100 or something?

ps - I remember they having a 1800 or 1300 number but not sure what's the number. Anyone any idea?