Monday, December 13, 2010

Pandora Online Music Streaming Restricted!

Pandora - the best online music I know of. Well until now, because nowadays I can't enjoy it anymore, seems that IP from non-US is blocked!.

Well another decent option is , wich has got a pretty good playlist, however I find pandora more intuitive.

Any other good streaming sites?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gold, Oil, and Copper continues to Increase

7th December 2010 - Gold, Silver, Oil, Copper

Headlines everywhere indicates prices of commodities are going up and up. Gold, Oil, Copper and precious minerals.

We're all asking ourselves the same question, too late or jump in now?

2 years back I already wrote about gold investment options in Malaysia, and I mostly wrote about the ones I consider safe and backed by the authorities, which was Bank Negara's Kijang Emas (gold coin), Maybank Gold Passbook and Public Bank.

Now many new ones have sprouted like mushrooms after the rain, however I am a little conservative and suggest to clearly check if they are approved by the correct authorities.

Another interesting thing to note is someone asked in my entry at ... for information about investing in Silver, however I had no idea, it seems it was a good tip, as The Star quotes "Silver has advanced 76%, while platinum is up about 13%." Oil is hitting USD90 + per barrel, so what does this mean? Well for one thing, our petrol price go up lor...

How about oil? Yes that is going up too, so what's the best way to invest in Oil? Readers, any suggestions? And should we jump in now or wait?

Another option is that now many trust funds are starting to offer funds that invest into precious metals. My biggest complain is this funds nearly ALWAYS are re-active, launching when the market is already heated up. Come on lah, you (fund managers) are paid big bucks, be more pro-active please!

This is also further fuelled by USA printing more money, so more people rather invest in gold then USD. But then even the Euro is loosing value.

To those diamond lovers, even wondered why there's no headlines that Diamond prices have soared, or people are investing like crazy in diamonds? ....

Its your call, however remember, Buy Low, Sell High. The golden (pun intended) question is when is High and when is Low?