Friday, August 27, 2010

Milestone BT Transfer to PC not Working

Milestone / Android BT Transfer File to PC not Working

After updating my Android to the latest 2.1 SW, somehow I could no longer transfer files from my Milestone / Droid to my PC and laptop. I CAN connect to my Laptop, but when I try to transfer file it fails. It seems that somehow Google / Motorola dis-abled this.

I started asking asking around, but most of my friends somehow just prefer using the cable or SD card to transfer.

Anyway, after some googling, it seems the best option I found and WORKED was Bluetooth File Transfer. Yes that is the name of the App itself. The

After installing it, it now works well. When you select a picture (or file) to transfer, you still get the default BT transfer with an additional option to to send via BlueTooth (Different icon).

This app Bluetooth File Transfer is available from the Android Market. All the best in transfering files from your Android Droid to your other phones and PC.

ps- I read also that it might not work on 2.2. Anyway for now, I'm a happy fellow again.