Saturday, February 20, 2016

Boxers and Brief

Not a topic I ever planned to blog about. But after coming to age, I've realized this is important information, and if I find this info useful, probably many others find it useful.

Wearing men's underwear - generally you don't see many men 'shopping' around for men's undergarments surprisingly, but without fail when I go to the gentleman's undergarments section in many many malls to date, I am very likely to notice

  1. 90% of the time I bump into the better half doing / helping their guys do the shopping. At times they're alone without their male partner. Interesting. 
  2. And half of the time, the sales promoter at this section is a lady. Interesting. How many of you would be comfortable or uncomfortable with this. Something like buying condoms at 7Eleven or the pharmacy, especially when you can't find them and have to ask the sales lady / cashier..hehhe

Anyway back to the topic, I've never really been interested in the nut hugging / crotch hugging underwear. I find them really uncomfortable  and then there's many people who say it's bad for your balls...I had moved to boxers for many years now. But before that, I'm not sure if many of you have the same problem as I have, that I can't really recall which are boxers, briefs, trunks, jockstraps and so on.

Well boxers look (and probably feel) like the shorts people who box, i.e. boxers wear. Interesting pun, Boxers wear Boxers, but probably wear a jockstrap underneath as the other boxer might pull down their boxers.

I am always about comfort. So firstly if you've in hot and humid weathers like Malaysia, forgot out anything but cooling fabric. Avoid anything that is made of polyester, or has too much spandex content. What works best is 100% (or close to 100%) cotton. Seems bamboo fibre is good too, but little on the costly side and as such I haven't had the balls to spend that much on them as cotton keeps me comfortable.

One of the most comfortable daily wear especially if you wear loose fitting clothes is boxers. But it's not that suitable when you wear straight cut, slim fit or skinny fit pants or do sports. Briefs might work best but not really on the comfort side (my thoughts). What to me is one of the 'greatest' inventions of the century is boxer briefs which keep you comfortable, not too tight, yet suitable if you don't fancy wearing baggy clothes.  Boxer briefs are as the name suggests, as marriage between boxers and briefs, simply put comfortable yet nice fitting. I think they are also referred to as trunks....

Stay healthy and comfy.