Monday, October 27, 2008

Experience to Senai Airport

My letter to the Senai Airport for being a great Airport and people oriented.
"Message : Dear sir/madam, I was traveling thru Senai Airport on the 21 Sep 08 evening, and my wife had dropped her bracelet at the airport and couldn't find it. While waiting for our flight, 2 personel came over and passed the lost bracelet to her. I would like to provide my thanks and appreciation to the 2 people (which I did not get their names) for being so helpful and honest. Thank you again."

Reply from Senai Airport official:
Thank you for your online feedback.

We are indeed very happy and relieved that your wife's bracelet was found and returned to her.
Would you know if the two (2) personnel who found the bracelet and returned it to your wife, are our airport staff or from the airlines? We look forward to your continued patronage and support of Senai International Airport, and hope to be of service to your family once again."

Thank you very much people at the Senai Airport. Job well done. By the way, if you're wondering, Senai Airport is to be the next international airport in Malaysia. It is located in Johor, neighbouring Singapore. It is undergoing renovation to cater for international customers. I believe that if a Synergy between Airlines, Air Asia and Senai airport does happen, it could work out to a a popular hub and provides spokes/connections elsewhere.