Sunday, December 14, 2008

TRANS-IT USB Flash Drive

I recently bought a TDK TRANS-IT USB Flash Drive 8GB for RM50 plus. Initially I was going to go for Kingston which I have been familiar with and was cheaper, ie below RM50. In the end I ended up buying TDK as the salesperson said the read and write speed is faster. I queried about this as it was not clearly written on the TDK Flash Drive packaging, all I saw was High Speed Access. Dubious.

Overall if I connect to a 2.0 USB port on my PC, it does feel nice. I started thinking, I could actually put a whole DVD movie on the thumb drive. So I tried that, and plugged it into my DVD player which accepts thumb drives. It played! Yes, I could watch a movie on my thumb drive. But alas, somehow it felts slow. The frame rate wasn't movie like. Like what you get when you watch some non-preloaded videos online. Anyone have any ideas how to fix this? Maybe get a DVD player with a 2.0USB?

TDK Flash Drive from TDK website

  • Small and compact.
  • Feels fast.
  • I'd wish they wrote the speed on the packaging. What I found at "You need not worry about the transfer rate as the TRANS-IT MINI USB device delivers up to 15 MB/sec read rate (100x) and up to 10 MB/sec write rate (66x)
  • What I REALLY didn't like about it is the 'cover' is very old style. You can easily mis-place the cover as it isn't 1 piece together with the Flash drive, and it doesn't snuggle into the back part of the flash drive when you are using the flash drive. Come to think about it, I just misplaced it. Great! Is this what happens marketing drives engineering? Or the other way round?
  • Since it has a lanyard holder, would be nice to give a lanyard for free. It would be free promotion for TDK when I flout it!